what gives me hope…

December 1, 2008

I had a visit from a good friend today. One of the people that really give me hope for the church! We’ve been differing theologically for almost 6 years now, since we first set foot at the theological faculty. Moving closer and further away from each other, as each of our journey’s of faith and theology took us into places which we probably didn’t expect when we started out. But that is the thing you know, that we still differ, over coffee and lunch, we talk theology, and then we talk about life, and so the conversation goes on, really listening to each other, expecting to hear something which you won’t agree with, but still knowing that you’d respect what you hear, since you know that what is being said is said with integrity… at least, that’s how I experience it.

Why does this give me hope or the church? Well, because it reminds me that we don’t need to withdraw ourselves into the our own theological camps, but that we can go out, yeah, go into what at times has been a battleground, and meet each other there. Meet as friends, and talk theology because we cannot do other but attempt to make sense of our common life, our common reality of which what we call God is part, knowing that we share the belief in this reality, but still differ vastly.

And if the church can’t do that? If we cannot share some coffee and talk about God and Jesus, in spite of our differances then where would we be? And can we ever expect it to be any different? Is that not the story of the church? That we have struggled to put into final formulations what we believe ever since the beginning. Struggled to understand what it is that makes up the content of our faith. But that we have struggled together, knowing that whatever it is we believe… it is real…


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