selling your soul to the devil

December 3, 2008

When I was a kid there was a very popular childrens story magazine. You would get a magazine and a tape with stories at set intervals. We were never signed up for it, but I remember one of the stories on it. It was about this guy who sold his soul to the devil at the foot of table mountain. I can’t remember any detail though.

It’s a very popular expression, selling your soul to the devil, but one I haven’t paid any attention to in the past. But since I’m on semi holiday a the moment, I’m watching a lot of movies. Among them was Hansie, the movie about South African cricket captain Hansie Cronjé, and his journey of flirting with bookies. For those of us who remember the stories. Remember when we heard Hansie was charged for matchfixing, remember when Allan Donald forgot the run, it’s a very emotional movie. I nearly cried when I watched that final run of the semi-final…

Anyhow, that’s not the point, since few of those reading will probably have any emotional connection to these events. But the story suddenly gave meaning to the phrase “selling your soul to the devil”. No, the devil didn’t come up to Hansie and make him a deal, but it’s probably the appropriate metaphor. Those with power and money came to him and offered him money in exchange for his freedom… for his soul.

No, he didn’t go to hell for it, but what he created for himself can only be described as hell. Somehow we need to find this balance when listening to these stories. How do we gain from their wisdom, without forcing ourselves into views which are totally incompatible with our worldview. Cause to me it would seem like enforcing the devil into our worldview cause up to adopt views on demonology which was not that of the Bible or the church. At the same time we can discard these stories and not learn from their wisdom, and that wisdom we need.

Yes, we can sell our souls to the devil. No, he probably won’t manifest in front of you, and probably you’ll see demonological connectation only if you are actively searching for them. But for power and money we will lose our freedom… if that’s not selling your soul to the devil… what is? And if that is selling your soul to the devil, how many of us ain’t sold out?

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  1. Johann Weber Says:

    Hey boet!

    Maybe you noticed that I don’t blog anymore.. looks like I am part of a statistic now! Haha! It was lots of fun though, I was actually surprised how many people started reading it.

    Anyway.. Sometimes I think there are lots of people who sold their souls. I bet there are lots of people who in some time of their life were actively trying to get to know God on a daily basis. But at some point many people would rather sit at home on Sundays or go fishing on religious holidays. Or maybe some only go to church on religious holidays and wont hear the gospel for another 6 months?

    I think that the media has brainwashed the majority of the people into thinking that a good and fulfilling life comes from how much you can get out of life. Lets take the famous quote: “Live life to the full” or whatever. The point is that most of us are obsessed with success in a worldly context and are far too comfortable contemplate a higher meaning to life.

    Maybe the whole “Hollywood” mentality is the reason for the world wide economic crisis? (And Hell is awaiting in a earth context) Anyway.. just some quick thoughts from my side! Cheers!

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