I’m submerging

December 9, 2008

Well, while the rest of you are emerging, some with “greatness” at this stage, I’ll be submerging for a while. No, although I’ve been getting more and more respect for the Anabaptist tradition over the last few months, I’m not becoming an anabaptist, I’m just submerging from online view. I’ll probably not be blogging over the next few weeks, not reading blogs either (so if anything of interest appears, you better let me know, else I’ll miss it).

I might have more of a twitter presence though, since I’ll be getting my phone back tomorrow, and going o holiday with some friends I might keep those interested posted on what we’re doing. However, I greet you for now, will be back sometime after Christmas, or maybe after New Years. Getting married on the fourth, so maybe only after the 15th or so..


2 Responses to “I’m submerging”

  1. Thomas Says:

    You haven’t heard of the DI-vergent Church, then? I think they might beat the E-mergent Church for popularity. Blessings on your wedding.

  2. Steve Says:

    First Roger, now you. Seems like everyone is getting married. Congratulations, Mazeltov, Many Years.

    Has anyone ever had a live-blog wedding?

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