can somebody explain Hirsch to me?

February 26, 2009

OK, so I’ve struggled to understand Alan Hirsch ever since I met him. And really, I actually right-out disagreed with him, although I obviously join him in choir singing that the church should become more missional.

But friends promised me that what I’ll find reading the Forgotten Ways will be different from what I found at the seminar, so I’m busy reading it, and thus following Alan online more as well.

So, can somebody please explain to me: What the hell is Alan doing at the mega-churches? Last thing I remember he was talking about something completely the opposite? Not true? Did I miss something? Now suddenly he’s all numbers, success, talking about “infrastructure needed to make movements happen”!

If he can get them more missional, I’m all for it. But I really struggle to understand the link between what he said earlier and what he’s doing now. And if you follow the facebook status updates, this seem like a really big thing for him.

2 Responses to “can somebody explain Hirsch to me?”

  1. Daniel Says:

    not sure if we can help with any answers, but only echo some of your questions, which we’ve been asking ourselves… some FB status updates have confused us as well, and more specifically we’ve struggled with understanding why they are now enrolling people in online classes, charging hundreds of dollars to take part. we haven’t read any of his actual books, but perused some of his stuff online, and mainly read more from other writers who seem to endorse each other as though they’re all speaking about the same things… if that is so, then how does it make sense to charge “tuition” from people, for teaching them how to plant organic churches? we’re just a bit perplexed by this kind of thing, wondering how doing that doesn’t completely contradict the very freedoms and truths that are supposedly being taught in the first place… hopefully God will help bring some clarity in this, and give us all the courage to continually hold everything we do up to the standard of scripture….

  2. tiaan Says:

    Volg nie regtig die gesprek nie. Die enigste Hirsch wat ek ken is Freddy hirsch, die speserywinkel! 😉 hehe. Hier is my lame grappie vir die dag!

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