rich and poor – thanx Tom!

March 10, 2009

A few days ago I was sitting in a conversation with some pastor friends who has a problem. They were collecting mieliemeel at their congregations, and had about 60 bags that needed handing out, their problem was where to hand it out. So, I was listening to how they were randomly discussing options, and at some point they asked whether they could come and hand out the mieliemeel in a squatter-camp near our congregation, where we are involved. I had to say “no”. They, this bunch of whities, couldn’t just walk into this black squatter-camp, ran by an ANC chief, a month before the election, in a place where they have no relationships, and hand out 60 bags of mieliemeel. Yes, it’s a good thing that they want to give, but the idea that they were the solution, that they were the “haves”, and that in some way they are bettering the world by just handing out stuff has a lot around it that needs to be challenged.

Anyhow, Tom wrote about this and got my mind going again, my father wrote about this a few weeks ago. Both of them work much closer with the poor, have real relationships, friendships with the poor, so rather read their thoughts.


One Response to “rich and poor – thanx Tom!”

  1. Lourens Says:

    Would the solution not be to give the meal to someone who has relationships in the squattercamp to distribute as they see fit? Or is the problem more that this is only a temporary act of charity and not a continuous participation?

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