synchroblogging transforming mission

March 12, 2009

Later today our Transforming Mission reading group will get together for the first discussion. This book heavily infuenced people like Brian Mclaren and Alan Hirsch, among others.

You can find info on today’s reading here. I will be blogging in this later, and some others have indicated that they might blog this as well. If you join us in blogging on the first chapter of Transforming Mission let me know so I can get a list up. There has also been an idea to use a wikispace for commenting on Transforming Mission, creating a kind of shared commentary on Transforming Mission or something… we might just do that as well, will keep you posted.


2 Responses to “synchroblogging transforming mission”

  1. Tom Smith Says:

    Thanks for organizing this Cobus! I wrote a short reflection on my blog.

  2. ckamalski Says:

    I posted a short quote before coming, and due to our fantastic discussion, will be posting a much longer reflection tomorrow or saturday. Am in for whatever shared deal you think is best. Today was fantastic for me gentlemen….

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