speaking at TGIF

March 16, 2009

I’ll be speaking at TGIF on Friday morning at 6:30. Still got to get the presentation ready, but the title and blurb has already been sent, so I guess I’ll now have to go with it:-) They get together at Seattle Coffee Company in Brooklyn. So catch us there if you’d like.

Info on the talk:

The future of church and world?

The relationship church/world has aways been at the heart of the Judeo-Christian tradition but has become of particular concern in the past decades, and it would seem like a our understanding of this is being transformed in this time. As the realization grows that the the church, Christian theology and the Christian faith should be active in the world, the question of how this should happen is also growing.
Drawing from the recently emerging field of Public Theology and the work of eminent South African theologian David Bosch, Cobus van Wyngaard will attempt to point to some of the changes that is happening concerning the above, some of the challenges that need to be faced, and some thoughts on how this might look today and in the future.
I’ve blogged about past TGIF experiences at the following posts:
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