So, we met again, but are we emerging?

March 17, 2009

So, the Pretoria Emerging Cohort met again. But I must start by saying, I have no idea who the emerging cohort is! Tonights conversation were attended by a majority that probably won’t label themselves as emerging, and don’t link to any of the traditional “emerging leaders”, but we had a great conversation.

I started it by reading some of David Bosch’s thoughts from Believing in the Future on contextualization; from the last chapter of the book. It’s difficult to understand his thoughts on this if you don’t know the broader work of Bosch (I’ve written about that problem here), and I knew that, but still thought it was a great discussion starter. And I think it was. Maybe Bosch would have thought we totally misunderstand him, at least at first, but still…

From the conversation I think we again discovered our own biases, lots of talk on deconstruction, of how we see the context of South Africa differently depending on where we come from. Again the Orthodox connection came out, that we have a lot to learn about liturgy and worship from the Orthodox churches. The need for a theology of creation featured, although we still need to find what this will mean for our day and age, and our sexual biases featured somewhat, and we need to discuss the marginalized more.

We intended to discuss “a Theology of Tshwane“, and this seems to be very difficult. Recognizing this is a good thing. What exactly is this context? Seems like we can’t just discuss our own small subculture or suburban area where we live, we need to recognize the bigger picture, cause all seem to be connected.

I think that the best part of these discussions is the networking that happen. That’s really great. Are we emerging? From the content of the conversation I’d say yes we are. And I like a lot of what I heard. But we had no reference to any “emerging writer” at all tonight…

4 Responses to “So, we met again, but are we emerging?”

  1. […] Samuel Pepys might have written in his diary, there was good company and good discourse. Cobus has written about it in his blog here, and has described more or less what happened, so I won’t go into a full description here, […]

  2. Gert Marincowitz Says:

    Sounds very interesting, sorry I haven’t seen the invitation to this meetup – don’t consult my Facebook regularly, the previous two meetings was advertised on and was also sent to my email address. But next time…

  3. […] Cobus (who convened the meeting) on So we meet again, but are we emerging? […]

  4. Mark Long Says:

    Sounds to me that this meeting describes the very nature of emerging/emergent church: an ongoing discussion with different people (dare I say it?) emerging from the shadows asking questions to answers that struggle to find any concrete base. Anything else would be anything other than “emergent”.

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