quotes from “The end of Christendom and the future of Christianity”

April 7, 2009

I love the Christian Mission and Modern Culture series from the 90’s. Little A6 books of about 60 pages (some much longer) written by authors such as David Bosch, Leslie Newbigin and Alan Roxburgh. Pity they are so expensive! I just started reading The end of Christendom and the future of Christianity while walking through the streets of Hatfield this afternoon, doing shopping for my wife. Some quotes from the first few pages worth mentioning:

Opening paragraph to the preface to the Series:

Both Christian mission and modern culture, widely regarged as antagonists, are in crisis. the emergence of the modern mission movement in the early nineteenth century cannot be understood apart from the rise of technocratic society. Now, at the end of the twentieth century, both modern culture and Christian mission face an uncertain future.

Opening paragraph in the forward:

The title of this book is intended to suggest the overall hypothesis that I want to develop in it. Briefly put, it is my belief that the Christian movement can have a very significant future – a responsible future that will be both faithful to the original vision of this movement and of immense servide to our beleaguered world. But to have that future, we Christians must stop trying to have the kind of future that nearly sixteen centuries of official Christianity in the Western world have conditioned us to covet.

Nothing new for most of us, and although these books is a few years old, they are still worth reading for everyone believing that something seriously need to change for the church in the West.


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