poverty in Africa is complicated

April 29, 2009

In a talk I had with one of my lecturers a few years ago he told me about a friend he had in the Socialist part in the Netherlands who had a list of the 4000 poor people in Amsterdam. He had to tell this European that Africa is much more complicated, we cannot make lists of our poor people.

Although I appreciate this blog post from the Jesus Manifesto, where the ratio homeless people:guest rooms in Christian houses are discussed, reading it again reminder me about how much more complicated the African situation is. Poverty in Africa cannot be listed.

Note: I believe that the church in Africa has as part of it’s task to remind the broad ecumenical church about the complexities of the world.


3 Responses to “poverty in Africa is complicated”

  1. Arné Says:

    Very good fact, Africa is very dynamic and has very complicating social elements involved with it.

  2. Ariah Fine Says:

    Thanks for the link. And great thought above, I appreciate it.

    I completely agree with your sentiment, the situation in many places, such as South Africa, are indeed more complex. I do my best to not make generalized statements in my writing either, noting that “In most cities in the USA” rather then not clarifying it’s specific to the USA.

    I also think the interconnectedness of it all is also complex. The reality is that if people in the USA and elsewhere would stop wasting our resources on shallow entertainment and consumer gluttony, there could be bountiful resources available to cloth and shelter those around the globe.
    The even more complex reality is that if the Corporations and governments in the USA and elsewhere would stop ravaging the rest of the world of it’s resources, depleting it’s energy, resources and human capital, many countries could rise up on their own, freed from that oppression.

    I digress.

  3. Cobus Says:

    Indeed, the world is a complex system. Areas of poverty on there own is not what’s complicated, but remind us of the complexity of the world.

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