dreaming of the stars

June 3, 2009

I’m going to leave the deep theological contemplations of this blog to persue my childhood dream for a while. Sci-fi!

I don’t know where I became a sci-fi fan. My mother and father never had any appreciation for it at all. But I, I dreamt of the stars by the time I was 8, by the time I was 11 or 12, I walked through the library shelfs, digging for every Sci-fi book I could find. It made me who I was. When I hit High School a new world opened for me, the world of Arthur C Clark, Gentry Lee, Ben Bova and Kim Stanley Robinson – I hit the “adult shelf”. And all through this, there was Star Trek.

Lots of critique can be brought against Star Trek. The fact that aliens from all over the Galaxy all have similar looks is among these. I mean, why has the whole galaxy developed to have a similar head, arms, legs design? And what has always bothered me the most of Star Trek, is the fact that this vast story always play out on such a small area. The main deck of the Enterprise and a few other scences, with the minimum ammount of characters involved (I mean really, you don’t send the captain or first officer into hand-to-hand combat, but Star Trek always does).

Everything said, their is a lightness when watching Star Trek. It invites a small kid to dream, it invites adults to dream. To dream of a world of warp speed and stars, or inter-galactic diplomatic relationships and the Federation, of a future that can be different, whatever that might mean (just not a future without war). And dreaming is important. The theologian need to be able to dream, to create dreams for people, where they can dream of possibilities, the possibility that things might change, that people might live by love.

So hey, you theologians, go read some good sci-fi, just dream a little!


2 Responses to “dreaming of the stars”

  1. Steve Says:

    One of my favourite SF stories was Earth abides by George Stewart. It made me aware of the importance of ecology (before I read it I had never heard of ecology).

  2. cobus Says:

    Had similar experiences, blogged on that here. I think Sci-fi can help us a lot in ecology.

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