pray for Amahoro in my home town, Piet Retief

June 30, 2009

The little town in which I grew up, Piet Retief (google earth view), is experiencing serious problems! Although we struggle to confirm reports at this stage, it would seem like residents of the one township outside Piet Retief, eThandakukhanya, is “on a rampage” (to use the words of newspapers) because of corruption by the authorities.

I know very little, actually, most people seem to know very little at this stage, but eThandakukhanya is closed down, no one entering or exiting, two of the mayor roads out of town is closed down. Buildings and cars have apparently been burned down.

The words of the newspaper reports read that the residents said that they will make the town “ungovernable”. This is the same things that protesters said in the 80’s against Apartheid (I’ve been reminded of that again while visiting the Apartheidmuseum this weekend).

The following newspapers all gave the same report:


South African

Pretoria News

SABC news of June 29 on youtube (1:16)


2 Responses to “pray for Amahoro in my home town, Piet Retief”

  1. Steve Says:

    Seems like they need to organise before the local government elections and toss the incombent bunch out. They couldn’t do that in the apartheid time.

  2. Andries Says:

    Cobus, I am praying with you for peace, restoration and hope in Piet Retief and eThandakukhanya. I started the first student mission outreach from UP to Piet Retief and eThandakukhanya in December 1988. Maybe it’s time for another visit.

    I see News24 reports that one protestor has been shot yesterday and that shops owned by foreigners are being targeted. May God spare us from having another surge in xenophobic violence.

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