they’re rebels, and they’re everywhere!

July 9, 2009

I love the time I live in! And I love the people I get the opportunity to connect with! Not just the high-profile type, but mainly the little rebels. Not necessarily those who shout their rebel voices out on blogs and T-shirts, but those who slowly but surely create a world that is different from the one they inherited. And it’s happening. They’re all around us. People who are changing the world. Many of them on the non-written side of history, not the heroes or the big leaders. But those who are shaping a new way of living.

Some of them are academics, some of them not.

Some of them are extroverted, some of them introverted.

Some of them are loving and kind, some of them are harsh and critical, some of them are all of the above at once.

Some of them you’ll find in institutions, some of them prefer to do it the cowboy way.

Some of them are religious, some of them are not.

Some use words to label themselves, some will never give a name to what they are.

Some know that they are rebels, and recreating the world they live in, and some don’t even realise it, but change are happening when they are around.

Most won’t call themselves rebels, but I see the status quo of the world, I know they are rebels.

Will they change the world? To me, eschatology mean that I believe that the world can change, no matter what the odds! And I’m willing to believe that at least some of the people I know are changing the world right now.


One Response to “they’re rebels, and they’re everywhere!”

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