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September 14, 2009

Starting tomorrow morning I’ll be co-lecturing a module in Theology of Mission together with Nelus Niemandt from the University of Pretoria. This started with a conversation we had at Amahoro earlier this year, in which I made some suggestions on how blogs can be used as a teaching and assessment tool. Given my special interest in David Bosch, Nelus asked whether I’d help in developing this for the Masters in Divinity students who have to study Transforming Mission.

The class consist of aproximately 25 students, who will be divided into 5 groups. Every group will have a blog on which they will have to make at least 5 blogposts in the coming few weeks. In blogging as a group we hope to encourage discussion among the members since these posts will be in the name of the group. Each student will also have to comment at least 10 times in the coming weeks. Thus a minimum of 50 posts and 250 comments. In setting this ratio we hope to encourage a more conversational style of blogging, with hopefully more discussion taking place.

The blogs will be hosted on wordpress, and open to everybody. Since this is a module in missiology, theology should happen in the marketplace. As academic theologians Will Storrar and Andries van Aarde have mentioned, blogging might be seen as a form of public theology. I’d like to invite you to join the conversation that we hope to create, and in the process become a co-lecturer, a conversation partner in the journey of Missional discovery of this class of students.

Quote from a widget on the blogs:

UP_centenary_logoThe discussion on this blog is part of a Masters module in Missiology at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Pretoria. The module is on Theology of Mission and Transforming Mission by David Bosch is being used as textbook. The module is presented by Prof. Nelus Niemandt and Rev. Cobus van Wyngaard. Please read the about page for more information.

The blogs in the module are on:

The end of a “modern era”

Mission and the search for justice

Mission and Evangelism

Mission and the aposolate of the laity

Hope in action

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8 Responses to “blogging in the academic world”

  1. Sounds like a very cool idea!

  2. Thomas Says:

    This sounds fascinating … will follow the development

  3. […] cobus skryf ook hieroor […]

  4. Steve Says:

    Willit be OK if I post this in the missiology discussion forum?

  5. cobus Says:

    more than welcome!

    Discussions should start within the coming week.

  6. Andries Louw Says:

    Steve, which missiology discussion forum are you referring to?

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