where may we find God?

September 15, 2009

3 story universe

Different answers could be given to this. And different answers have been given to this. We seem to have been moving God around a lot over the past few hundred years. We had God up in heaven for a long time. But when Galileo checked he didn’t find God there, at least not in a literal throneroom up above the sun and moon. Rather, he found stars and the sun and planetary orbits. For some this was the end of God, but for most, this was a time for reimagining God.

What resulted was a God much bigger than the medievel church could have imagined. And the more we discovered about the vastness of space, the bigger God became… since we moved God to the outside of his creation. It was to be expected I guess, I mean, by this time humans knew something about creating, and the creator had to be apart from the creation. I learned songs about this God. We sang about EarthInHandhow he held the whole world in his hand, about how he created even he dinosours. We would talk about how he has all of creation, the universe, in his hand.

I don’t know whether it was the fact that we were able to look out far enough, looked out further and further, but somehow I’m getting the feeling that the God that’s on the outside of creation carrying the earth of universe in his hand is not always working that well. So we moved God again. And this time, seems like we are moving him to the inside. Perhaps it’s our fascination with that which is small, quarks, and stuff happening on a subatomical level. Perhaps it’s the fact that we are forced to talk in metaphors again when exploring the sub-atomic world. Perhaps the mystics is teaching us something. I really don’t know, but we seem Universe_In_Hand_by_haveaniceday91to be moving God into a place so close to creation it cannot be imagined.

Which one was right? Is this the last time that we will be moving God? Maybe we shouldn’t be talking about the location of God at all. The poet of Psalm 139 said that God was everywhere:

Is there anyplace I can go to avoid your Spirit?
      to be out of your sight?
   If I climb to the sky, you’re there!
      If I go underground, you’re there!
   If I flew on morning’s wings
      to the far western horizon,
   You’d find me in a minute—
      you’re already there waiting!
   Then I said to myself, “Oh, he even sees me in the dark!
      At night I’m immersed in the light!”
   It’s a fact: darkness isn’t dark to you;
      night and day, darkness and light, they’re all the same to you.

Wherever the reality of his world led him, there he found God. Maybe that could guide us. Wherever reality might lead us, may we find God there…

2 Responses to “where may we find God?”

  1. Lourens Grobbelaar Says:

    Cobus, you might not believe me. So sit down before you fall of your chair like Eli. I agree with you, one of your best posts from my perspective. I remember watching MIB I about a decade ago and that ending with the two aliens playing marbles with our universe blew my mind. That really enlarged my perspective. But you are right. We then kind of put God outside our reality/world because He is then so far and big. I’ve always marvelled and imagined God zooming out to the far reaches of the galaxy, and other dimensions, and then zooming in to subatomic level, that’s how BIG and personal He is.
    From a mystic perspective I imagine us more as living inside God’s presence, like people in a cloud of mist. We breath in the drops, while at the same time walking in the cloud. It is both inside and outside of us. Some choose in my mind however to wear gasmasks.


  2. Jo-Mari Schader Says:

    Always remember that God does not change, but only the way in which we experience and “hear” Him. Some would acuse me of taking the easy way out.
    How “is” God then? In the end, does it matter? The issue is that He “is”.
    How do you know that He “is”? There I believe that our perseptions of Him should be “big” enough to allow for His diversity and creative and sustaining capabilities, but small enough to recognise that He even works miraculously with and through the individual. Even the Bible’s supposed “contradictory” theologies is man’s attempt at wording the dual and diverse characteristics of what he calls and experiences as God.
    Is their truely anything that can be known about God? All man’s attempts at understanding God is exactly that – human, thus fallible, attempts.
    But we wouldn’t be talking of or with God if something or some-being did not place the notion of God in our collective (faithful) conscience.

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