Introduction: White experiences in Africa

February 22, 2010

I’ve started many blog series over the past few years, and didn’t finish many of them. So when this series started bubbling up in my head I decided to first write everything, and then start posting. I think it might have been Jonathan Jansen that kicked these thoughts into creation by saying words which became part of my white experiences in Africa at the South African Missiological Society meeting in Bloemfontein, on 13 January. On this experience I will reflect later on.

In the days after this experience, I had the urge to write down my stories, and reflect on them. Several stories from my life was crystalizing as formative moments for who I am today regarding race. Many more than those I write here, obviously, but in looking back over my life so far, these experiences stand out as radically changing the way I think about my own whiteness in South Africa. I wrote these stories down on 14 January 2010. I spent some time reflecting on these, at some point thinking that maybe I’ll write reflections on them as well. But I’ll leave the reflections and comments for the rest of you..

The series will consist of seven stories. These stories open up wounds, I am aware of this. The stories may ignite lots of emotions from different people. And you might reflect totally different on these stories than I do. Please take part in my journey.

I am a white male. An Afrikaner. I am 25. We only moved to South Africa permanently on 19 July 1994, yet Apartheid is part of me in ways I am still discovering. This is a story of stories which made me who I am today. It will continue for a week or so.


2 Responses to “Introduction: White experiences in Africa”

  1. idelette Says:

    I am looking forward to reading these, Cobus.

  2. […] maand schrijft de contemplator over z’n eigen afkomst, jeugd, opleiding enz. Een interessante serie […]

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