strange top posts

March 31, 2010

From time to time you write a post that just seem to get search engine hits over and over again. I don’t understand enough about google to be able to tell you exactly why, and sometimes it’s not clear what people are actually looking for. For years my top post was about MXit – a very popular South African mobile IM client, accounting for up to 20% of blog visits at a certain stage.

This is currently my top 10 pages visited on this blog:

Title Views
Home page 13,658
meeting your MXit contacts 4,609
down the missiological rabbit-hole (Tran 1,328
burning bibles/wasting nature 1,195
nexus and my social networks 1,012
Juno, abortion, pro-life/pro-choice 959
The Contemplator 904
selling your soul to the devil 738
contemplating MXit 633
David Bosch, Public Theology, Social Jus 623

However, for the past 30 days, the top 5 posts is the following:

Title Views
Home page 414
burning bibles/wasting nature 222
nexus and my social networks 121
White pastor in an irrelevant church 56
down the missiological rabbit-hole (Tran 52

The MXit post is way down at 2 views for the past 30 days.

The burning bibles/wasting nature post is a short reflection on the Belgic Confession article 2 and ecology. The interesting this about this post is that the views has drastically increased over the past few months, as can be seen in the picture below. It started out getting a few hits, as usual, then quited down totally, as usual, and then from October last year started getting more and more hits.

My first guess was that Coopenhagen was the culprit, and that the increased awareness about ecology caused an increase in searched. But, from the WordPress stats, it would seem like the searches used to get to the post was linked to “burning”. “burning book”, “burning books”, “burning picture”. Now what would cause this?


One Response to “strange top posts”

  1. Steve Says:

    Yes, it’s strange how some posts seem to attract lots of readers, and others very few – often in inverse proportion to the care one has taken in writing them. The one that seems to attract most readers on my blog was one that I tossed off carelessly as a rather lame joke, while ones that I took some care in writing seem to have few readers.

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