Papers from conference on violence

August 12, 2010

I’ve been involved with the Centre for Public Theology at the University of Pretoria for the past number of years now. We just finished a conference titles: Violence in the Democratic South Africa: A Challenge to Theology and the Churches.

The papers were brilliant. And the vibe was not that of a typical academic conference where ideas were merely “interesting”, but a very strong drive to be involved to change what is happening existed, and grew stronger as the extend of the problem became clearer over the three days.

My own paper was on the effect of whiteness in my own church’s public discourse concerning violence. It’s still a research project in progress, but what was presented at the conference can be found here.

All the papers we have so far (more are still coming) can be downloaded here. They are still to be finished up for publications in the coming months. Some in academic journals, and we most, if not all, in a book (hopefully). Still a lot of work for those who were involved.


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