Sometime last year a couple of us started with this experiment of camping without a program. I told some of the story of last years camp here. Maybe the camp was best summarized by one of the people there when she talked about the two circles of rocks that created this camp.

vuur sirkelOn arriving a number of the guys collected some wood and a few rocks to create a fireplace. The fireplace was nothing more than 8 rocks in a circle, and chairs that got carried to this circle of rocks. At night this was a place of warmth, since we had a fire going. But at day it remained a place of comfort, a place of connection, even though there was no fire. The circle of rocks created a safe space for conversations.

labyrinth kleinThe second was the labyrinth at the camp site. While at a similar camp last year a number of us built this labyrinth. The story of how a dumping site was made a holy place is told here. Although labyrinths has no meaning for some of us, for others this is a place of finding God and self. And the experiences shared made for lasting memories.

So, we camped without a program, but with two circles of rocks and a few other open spaces. It’s amazing what a circle of rocks can create…

20somethings and God

August 23, 2008

Pastor Phil Wyman, who you’ll find at the end of all the synchroblogs I’ve posted, was mentioned in Relevant Magazine, check it out, it’s a brilliant article:

Pastor Phil Wyman directs The Gathering, a Salem, Mass., church operating in the heart of a town made famous for witchcraft. He compliments the Neo-pagan community in Salem for the focus they place on every person as a creative individual. “I know many Christians who have not left the faith, but left their former church experience in search of something deeper,” he says. “They were in search of deeper relationships, deeper service to the community and the world, or a deeper sense of wonder.”

Phil once blogged about you the neo-pagan community used there building for some event, and he did their sound for the evening.

bushveld labyrinth

July 4, 2008

Well, we finished our labyrinth, and walked it for the first time yesterday afternoon. It was kind of cool to see how different people go there on their own today to walk the labyrinth. One girl doing her daily Bible study while in the middle. In the coming week we will be introducing some of the school kids to the labyrinth, will see how this go down for Afrikaans Reformed youth.

A while into building the labyrinth we realised we are building on a rubish dump. So we cleaned up a rubish dump to make place for the labyrinth. Maybe this is something of what we are trying to do as followers of Jesus. To clean out the rubish in the world in order to create places where people can find peace, harmony, and connect with transcendence.

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camp experiment

June 17, 2008

A few friends are doing a “camping experiment” in the July holidays. It’s basically a “bring & camp” kind of chinese braai camp idea. We’ll be going to Badseloop (Limpopo Province) from Friday 27 June to Friday 4 July, everybody bring a good book they have read, maybe a good movie, and whatever else you have in mind, and the camp get’s created by all participants.

The group is currently aged between 18 and 25 (you need a matric sertificate to be allowed on the camp), and just a few people going. We don’t want to have a big group, it’s much more about the conversations that we believe will be going on than anything else. The ideas that I get the impression people will be bringing links up with a more mystical spirituality.

So, if you’d like to join us or want more info, give me a mail, or leave a comment, and I’ll come back to you. Don’t expect this amazing dynamic program, we’re not into that, but you can expect very real people thinking in very earthly ways about life and having very real conversations, and being open towards others.