Do you remember those youth camps from high school where you’d drive back in the bus, and suddenly realize that for you the whole world has changed in a weeks time, but for everybody else, this was just another week? While sharing comunion last night, I realized that this has ¬†been one of those weeks. For some of us who attended Amahoro, the whole world has changed this week.

I guess that’s why I struggle to speak about it at this stage. My one colleague asked a few hours ago whether I’m back all inspired and with lots of ideas and made a lot of new friends? The answer is “no” to the first two. I made many dear friends, but I’m not back inspired, siked up, with many ideas of how I’m going to change the world. The change that happened this week was on a much deeper level.

I’m back, and I’m a different Afrikaner than I was a week ago. I’m back, and I’ll be going in a slightly different direction theologically than I did a week ago. The change was in identity, in the direction that I take in my personal story. It’s the kind of change where I know that most probably nothing will change today, or tomorrow, or in the next week even. But in weeks to come, I will have to process the experiences, the challenging conversations, the meaning of the new relationships, the emotions, the thoughts on my people, my history, my culture, and in a years time, maybe something of what happened this week would become part of who I am on the deepest level.

So, 2010 in Nairobi. I hope to connect with the Amahoro family and my new friends from Kenya, Nairobi.