camp experiment started

June 30, 2008

I’m blogging from an Internet café in Naboomspruit. Haven’t done this before, but I forgot my HTC drivers at home, so can’t get onto the internet. Our camping experiment is running, we are between 8 and 12 people (people come and go during the week) at any given time, doing whatever comes to mind. Some are reading a lot, we built up a small library of books which everyone brought along, and some watching movies, we did the same with movies. Sometimes we discuss the movies, and as more people are getting to read some of the books, we might do the same.

We are also building a labyrinth. A real bushveld labyrinth. Will put some photo’s up later. It’s quite a job, cleaning the field, finding black rocks in ice cold water, and working out our labyrinth. We are planning on a standard 7-circle labyrinth, and if time, energy and space allow it might become an 11-circle one.

The camp is turning out to be quite a mystical experience, it seems like what we are putting together is our own retreat. I added something in the line of alternative worship on Sunday morning. Every morning a number of people walk up the hill to see the sunrise, the guy who is organizing this call it “greeting the sun”.  Some are taking long walks, we don’t really do praise and worship, but another guy is planning a session just listening to music. For me, the best part is the conversations I’m having with some of the others. Since we have time, the most amazing conversations seem to start.

Well, I came to the internet café in Naboomspruit to download the drivers for my cellphone. Hopefully I’ll be back online by tonight. Might tell some more about how we got to having camps without camp leaders or programs. And will be sharing more of what we learned and how we think to approach this in future.