We have this problem in pious Christian circles that we don’t talk about sex. I have a very good friend who was trained at home to never even use the word sex, references to sex had to be done using some obscure phrase like “playing in the bushes” etc. For many of us brought up in pious circles sex was a dirty word. Many have written about the problems with this, but it would seem that facebook might share in this piousness.

One of the problems with this piety, was that healthy conversations about sexuality was stifled in the process as well, questions about sex was killed off, and maybe worse of all, it made it all the more difficult for those who have been the victims of sexual crimes to even mention what happened to them.

Last night Idelette, who is always fighting for justice, tweeted with a reference to a brilliant article about sex trafficking. I read the article, changed the tweet a bit, and retweeted. Tweetdeck found some kind of problem with posting to facebook, so I copied the tweet and tried posting to facebook. At this point I found out that facebook doesn’t like the reference to either sex trafficking or the article, since it said that my update contained content that some might find offensive. I made a second and third attempt, but got the same response.

Since I really believe this is a brilliant article, and wanted to spread the word among my contacts, I then ¬†continued with different options. Changed the shortened URL to the full URL, took out the http:// so it might not pick it up as a link. Nothing worked. I finally took out the link entirely, and this worked. So the reference to “Sex trafficking” wasn’t the offensive part, but the link to the article was.

So after posting the update without the link, and pasted the link as the first comment on the status update. This seemed to work, or so I thought. I went to bed.

I wasn’t able to sleep, so after maybe an hour, probably less, I stood up to work on some stuff, and suddenly I couldn’t come into facebook. My account was suspended.

First test is to recognize a number of faces from friends photos and identify the people. I don’t add random people to my facebook friends list, but I have a LOT of bloggers that I haven’t met face2face yet, so many of the photo’s I don’t recognize. Then I have to answer the security question, which it just keep on repeating even though I answer correctly (when I answer incorrectly it lets me know, otherwise it just ask again).

The only reason I can think of for being suspended, was my continuous attempts at linking to an article on sex trafficking. Is this possible? Can facebook be so much similar to conservative Afrikaner culture? I mean,  get paid suggestions to add scantily clothed woman as friends on a regular basis, similar to the way we watched stories like Baywatch and Vetkoek Paleis but never talked about the realities of problems of sexuality in a healthy manner in homes.

Can this be? Can someone help me?

Christians on facebook

November 7, 2008

Just came onto a random persons facebook profile (friend of a friend) and her list of groups she has joined caught my eye. A lot of “Christian” groups like: Let’s see how many Christians there is at facebook !!, I bet I can find 1,000,000 Christians, How Wonderful GOD , JESUS , and Holy Spirit is, and I could go on, you’ve seen it. What really caught my eye was ANTI-SKOOL ALLIANSIE (anti-school alliance) and Matt 28:19 -Go and make Disciples!!! standing together. And I wondered, have this person never thought about the fact that being Christian might affect the way I approach something like school? I could mention a couple of other groups she joined which I don’t think I would have joined in good conscience.

Some would point out the fact that opening up your profile on facebook would lead to others being able to make the observations I just did, and thus to “bad witness” or something. Some would say you should close your profile. For me, facebook is a great reminder of how shallow our Christianity has become. And with this I’m not judging the person who’s profile I’ve used, but simply pointing out that the collection of groups people join tend to show that Christianity is only something which affects some private religious part of our lives, and that Christians are still struggling to get to the point where their being Christian affects every aspect of their lives.

Was without internet for about 2 days, but I’m back now.