I actually wrote this yesterday (Tuesday), but didn’t have internet access, so couldn’t post it. But, here it is: 

I met with Gavin, a guy working for Mxit, last night. It was a round trip of about 130km from where I live to Sandton and back, which included a couple of wrong turns around Sandton area, but definitely worth the visit. I’m not exactly sure what his work at MXit is, but it sound like he has a big influence on what is going on around there.
Although I always had respect for the trouble the MXit team takes to make MXit a secure Instant Messenger, I now have even more respect. I met with a guy with strong moral conviction, working for a company looking likewise. He told us how they take trouble to protect kids as far as possible form harmful content. Of course, content that gets sent around by kids they can do very little about.
He also told us of some of the interesting developments in MXit coming in the near future, but I’m not going to say anything about that, you’ll have to wait and see. I’ll just say that MXit is becoming so much more than an Instant Messenger, it’s becoming a total Social Networking tool. Keep checking the updates in the next few months.
.But mostly, we talked theology. Yes, I met with one of the MXit programmers, and we talked theology. Or actually, he talked, I listened, to a very very interesting theologian.

Every once in a while you will hear that you shouldn’t give personal information out over MXit (or any IM for that matter), still everyone does it. You meet someone, you chat for a while, and then you are willing to tell that person where you live, or (s)he tells you where they live etc.

Then you get to the point where you want to meet this person. Again, you are told not to do this, and still, it is begin done. Let me say this first. There has been problems

If you then go to meet someone. Here is some pointers.

  • NEVER go alone, take along a friend, if you’re a girl, maybe take along one of your guy friends.
  • Meet in ‘n public place. NEVER go to their home, or any other place, not matter who are with you, how long you have known this person. NEVER.
  • Make sure someone knows where you are going, and for how long. Tell you’re parents where and how long you will be. And never move this appointment on the last minute.
  • Never accept a lift home after an appointment from this person. Never be picked up for an appointment. No matter how nice this person sounds.

Add some of your ideas if you’d like. But please make sure you’re friends are aware of these regulations. It’s a safety issue, don’t take chances. Take this from a fellow MXit’eer:-)

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contemplating MXit

April 5, 2007

I did some posts on MXit back on emergingsa. You can find some of it here and here. It seemed to be an interesting topic, it got triggered by search engines every few days, but that was it, I never really blogged about it any more, although I did think about it from time to time. But one of the amazing things about blogging is the people you meat, and today I had one of the biggest surprises since I started blogging. I’ll tell you more in days or weeks to come, as I learn more of what’s going on. For now, I’m contemplating.

In this instance contemplation might be the correct word (read the About page). I might need to start taking a calm, lengthly, intent consideration, a long and thoughtful observation, on MXit. OK, so those of you who followed the emergingsa blog might by now know that this won’t be possible with me. Most probably I’ll be blogging about this for 3 days max and then find something else. But time will tell.

A lot of people are very negative about MXit. My parents for one. Kids chatting while socializing. Becoming “addicted” to MXit. I myself, well, I’m a LOT less negative. I chat quite a lot, although it does take a lot of time and I prefer GTalk. When MXit become an alternative for other forms of communication, then it become a mayor problem. But if MXit become another, an additional form of communication, then it’s a different story. Does that make sense at all? I’m not sure.

I think it is possible to hide behind MXit. To let people get to know your MXit personality, which is not your real personality, and hide behind that. OK, this was some random thought. Actually I would just like to hear your thoughts. Parents, teenagers, users, non-users. I need your thoughts, so whatever it is, please leave me a comment.