filmmakers against racism

August 30, 2008

The 3continents film festival is showing a number of films on human rights at Nouveau’s around Gauteng at the moment. Many of these films are shown only once at each location. Sadly I didn’t follow the Nouveau the past few weeks, been in too much of a hurry, so I only found out about it now, and next week I will be at the Northern Synod for a few days, so will miss whole lot more

On Monday at 20:00 Filmmakers Against Racism 1 is showing at Brooklyn Nouveau, a documentary with the Xenophobic attacks as it’s focus. These were produces by filmmakers that committed themselves to make films that speak of the issue, and portray some of the stories of what happened. You can book your ticket at Let me know if you are going, maybe we can organize a discussion afterwards. Just send me a mail of SMS, of leave a comment here.

Click more to get more info on what the different short films will be about…

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