the food of the prophet

February 16, 2009

Elijah was fed by the crows at the Kerith Ravine. John the Baptist ate honey and grasshoppers. Jesus drank wine and feasted…food isn’t simply something random for these prophets, it’s intricately linked with their voice, their mission, their being as people reading the signs of their times and speaking the voice of God into their culture… or maybe that was it, it wasn’t speaking, but living the voice of God into their culture.

And in this food was central. For Elijah it was trusting on God to feed him, when all others was praying to Baal and the rain wasn’t coming. For John it was withdrawing from society, living of the land, I don’t know what the meaning of that is. For Jesus it was feasting with those who he wasn’t supposed to feast with. For us…?

For us it seems to be something that need to get us full. We say a short prayer to not feel bad, and then just eat. In a society where many are dying from malnutrition and lack of water, where all the earth moaning because of the way we mess up our ecology, with the massive amount of meat adding to that, cattle taking up too much space for too little food, and taking space that could have been used by plants that help the ecology rather than hinder. A society where those of differing class never eat together, a society where many spend more on restaurants for one dinner than others spend on food for a month. In this society, we must think more about what we eat. We need to think theologically about what we eat!