On my “to-read” list I have Tom Sine’s The New Conspirators. Haven’t heard about the book before 5 minutes ago, and the name Tom Sine has no meaning whatsoever. What immediately convinced me to read the book was the BLURP found on Andrew Jones’ blog:

God is doing something fresh through a new generation of “conspirators”. This new work can be seen in at least four different streams:
1. the emerging,
2. the missional,
3. the mosaic (multicultural church plants)
4. the monastic.
In this book Tom Sine present some of the innovative new models that are being created by those ministering within these diverse streams.

Talking of differing streams seem interesting. I’ve been uncomfortable with the equating of emerging with missional or monastic for quite some time. I’ve seen the renewed interest in missional churches in places which won’t easily fit the emerging conversation, which got me into the difficult question, is the missional church then the emerging church? Thus I would have to call people emerging that won’t like to be called emerging? Don’t know if anyone can follow that paragraph, but that was my thoughts.

You can find a review on the book here as well.