con-tem-pla-tionMission to Africa

1. a long and thoughtful observation

2. a calm, lengthy, intent consideration

I’m a contemplator. This is simply my contemplations. I’m not always calm, and my contemplations aint always lengthy. But I’ll always keep on contemplating life, faith, theology, experiences, movies, books and whatever comes to mind. I’m also a South African, maybe even an African, and my contemplations will time and again come back to South Africa, because this is my life. This is the context which I contemplate.

My name is Cobus van Wyngaard. I’m 27. Male. Been living in South Africa since 1994, and in Swaziland before that. I’m studying theology, with a special interest in Ethics, Missiology and Public Theology. I’m a music lover, listening and making some of my own, a guitarist of some sorts, and trying out some other instruments from time to time. I’m actually Afrikaans, and blogging has been teaching me some English in the past year. I’m married to Maryke, and we have a son, born in 2011.

You’re welcome to mail me, or leave a comment. And if ever you are in the Pretoria area, let me know, lets meet.

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8 Responses to “The Contemplator”

  1. Johan Swarts Says:

    dis lekker om ‘n mede 22-jarige op wordpress te sien. welkom 🙂

  2. Reggie Says:

    Interesting blog

  3. hi – just checked in to your blog. will be subscribing w/ google reader.

    keep at it!

  4. […] hostile about the question but it put the issue of emergent identity on the agenda. Hat-tip to Cobus van Wyngaard, associate pastor at the dutch reformed church Kameeldrif for arranging the visit and thank you to […]

  5. Steve Martin Says:

    Hi Cobus,

    Nice to stumble across your blog. I’ve just come back from SA (see my site above). It would be fun to interact some time!

    All blessings,
    Steve Martin.

  6. Cecilia Says:

    Hello, nice to meet you 🙂 Fellow Afrikaner, Pretorianer and – more importantly, Christian.

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