This is just some random things I’ve written over time, mostly for academic purposes. More recent academic writings can be found here.

David Bosch as Public Theologian

My M.Div dissertation. Less than 60 pages everything included. You’ll find summaries of what public theology is, David Bosch’s thoughts on mission and on the alternative community, and some suggestions on what a public theology influenced by the thoughts of Bosch might look like.

(October 2008)

Jesus’ disregard for rules of space

Attempt at applying social-scientific and historical-critical insights to the exegesis of Mark 2:13-17. I seek to show how historical Jesus research might prove useful in exegesis. This is then applied to address a certain contemporary moral issue regarding Christian participation in Web 2.0 spaces, particularly facebook.

(September 2008)

Looking back from the Future

A discussion of David Bosch’s last little book, Believing in the Future, and some thoughts on what the missional challenges facing the church would be in the coming years.

(November 2007)

Pistis Christou in Gal 2:16

The pistis Cristou debate is receiving more and more attention in Pauline scholarship during past few decades. However, the debate seems to have reached an impasse. Attempting to isolate the critical text of Gal 2:15-21, this paper looks at the role of Cristos within this argument, and what its implication would be for Gal 2:16, in which the pistis Cristou formulation occurs twice.

(November 2007)


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