again, why I blog…

January 9, 2008

Many answers are provided for why one blog. Some whould say they blog to ramble their ideas into words. Others blog to get rid of some negative emotions, to discharge somewhere. Most of us doing more than mere journaling when blogging whould agree that we also blog to indoctriniate others with our ideology. OK, you might not agree, it doesn’t sound very postmodern, but we would like to share our believes, whould like to influence and help form others, and hopefulle we are also open to be formed in the process.

Why I blog? Probably most of the above, probably some other reasons as well, but the moments at which I feel the strongest about continuing, is when I meet up with people whom I got to know because of blogging. I’ve met some very interesting people, bloggers and readers, over the past year. Many from South Africa, and some from other countries as well.

Earlier today, as I was driving through Secunda, I met up with Jacques Bornman. Jacques is a pastor at Kruik, an AFM church in Secunda. They really try to go to lenghts to make people, especially those not comfortable with the church idea, feel at home. So if you live in the area, and are looking for a church, go pay them a visit.

We met a couple of months ago, and I promised him that at some stage when I’m going home I’ll take the Secunda road, and pay him a visit. I didn’t quite get round to it though, although I didn’t forget about it. I contacted me a couple of days ago through facebook and asked if I’m still coming around sometime. As it were, I was going back to Pretoria form my parents’ today, so we made an appointment.

The nice thing about meeting people through blogging, it that by the time you meet face to face, you have some idea what they are interested in, and usually you meet because of some mutual interest, so immediately there is something to talk about. He showed me around their church first. Now, I’m not a big fan of large churches, and not a big fan of churches spending lots of money on buildings, but if ever I were to build a church, I want it to be something like what they have. But, maybe one day when I blog about church buildings I’ll tell more about this one.

We spent about two hours talking, mostly emerging stuff, missional stuff. About South Africa, the poverty question, the rich-poor situation, what we like in our work etc. OK, but I don’t really want to talk about our conversation, that I might do tomorrow. But in answer to the question: “Why do I blog?”. I just realised why I blog while in that conversation. I blog because of the people I meet along the way, and I’ll keep on blogging to meet more of these amazingly interesting people (not just the pastors) that I’ve met along the way, people that have really influenced how I think about things.

So, if you are ever in the mood of meeting, I’d love to, send me a message!

5 Responses to “again, why I blog…”

  1. glenn Says:

    Cobus ~ I totally agree and have to say that the relational aspects were a surprise to me. I hope that some day I will have the opportunity to visit the continent and look you up. Any plans for coming to North America?

  2. cobus Says:

    dreams yes, won’t call them plans yet:-). but when I do I’ll skip on Disney World to meet up with people there! The relational thing also took a while before I realised this was my reason for continuing (after you realize that most probably others are saying things much better than you are:-))

  3. Hi Cobus,

    It really was such a thrill meeting you yesterday! Thank you for taking the time to drive through my ‘hood! Hope that we can interact more in the future!


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